Pair of candelabras with three arms of light.
Ormolu and patinated bronze.
Empire period, early 19th century.

H. 40 - l. 23,5 cm

These candelabras represent a woman holding two arms of light in the shape of cornucopias decorated with plant friezes. Their long dress twirling on their bare feet indicates that they are dancing and gives a beautiful vivacity to the model. Their heads, whose hair is pulled up in braids on the top of the skull, support another binnacle decorated with a laurel frieze.
The pedestal has gilded bronze applications representing another dancer as well as the thyrse, a stick topped with a pine cone around which ivy is wrapped.
These candelabras, with the symbols of the cornucopia, the dance and the thyrse, represent the attributes of Bacchus and his retinue.

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