Attributed to Claude Galle (1759-1815). 
Pair of torches. 
Gilt bronze and patina. 
Empire period, circa 1810. 

H. 30 cm.

This pair of candlesticks presents a base with a frieze of palmettes surmounted by three lion's claws, a quiver-shaped shaft in patinated bronze surmounted by three busts in antique style. The bobèche is also decorated with a frieze of palmettes.
Claude Galle delivered several models with cut sides surmounted by busts of women and ending with feet for the imperial furniture guard.
He offers many variations of this model, alternating busts of Diana or Egyptian women.
This model presents several elements typical of Galle's production which allow to attribute it to him: the claw feet surmounted by a serrated ring are found on several models delivered to Fontainebleau in the 1810s.
The frieze on the terrace of the torch is found inverted on a pair of torches attributed to Claude Galle and listed in the inventory of the Château de Compiègne under the number C.2018.006 .
Furthermore, the drawing of a pair intended for the Empress' library at the Palais de l'Elysée shows the same faces of women with antique hairstyles, but their bust is not represented.

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