Attributed to Jean-Georges Berdot (1614-1679).
Paestum view.
Oil on pannel.
France, 17th century. 

Height 31 cm
Length 24 cm

Jean-Georges Berdot, a native of Montbéliard, would most likely have had Henry Tournier, brother of the caravaggio Nicolas Tournier, as his master.

Active in Paris for a few years, he then settled in Sens, after a hypothetical trip to Italy and Flanders.

Berdot realized the complete decoration of the church of Notre-Dame de Courceaux, in the Yonne. The museum of Montbéliard also preserves one of the rare paintings signed by the artist: L'Église triomphante (panel, signed and dated 1647, 63 x 76 cm).

Our painting illustrates the talent of Berdot, who "painted very nicely in small format" (Félibien, Noms des peintres les plus célèbres et les plus connus, Paris, 1679).

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