Maison Baguès.
Cage shapped chandelier of Louis XV style.
Gilded iron and rock crystal.
Early 20th century.

Diameter 90 cm
Height 147 cm

This three registers chandelier presents eight arms of light connected to a cage with a high part that is structured around a shaft with a central metal stem set with a succession of balusters cut in rock crystal.

The gilded iron cage has a central dagger and the opulence of the rock crystal ornaments attached to it give it a lush appearance: striated or multi-faceted drops, lozenges, plates with scalloped edges are all punctuated with flowers. The console shapped light arms present a volute finished by two juxtaposed pendants. Each one is punctuated with a bobèche in the shape of a rich flower bud in gilded and embossed sheet metal with a large rock crystal pendeloque topped with a flower.

In the 18th century, the rock crystal chandelier was particularly prized by the wealthy. It was one of the rarest and most expensive materials of the time and its abundance on chandeliers ensured a wider diffraction of light in addition to its aesthetic qualities. The crystals that made up the pendants had to be clear, we spoke of a "beautiful water", the frost that characterizes the stone had to be as little present as possible.

The geometrical cutting of the gilded iron evokes the motifs of band games, also called "bandelwerk", very fashionable in the Regency period.

This chandelier is therefore a revival of the tradition of the rock crystal chandelier by Baguès, which, in addition to reinterpreting Regency period motifs, takes the decision to use a rock crystal with a very present frost, which gives it an aesthetic and lively appearance.

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