Bardiglio reale vase – Neoclassical period

Bardiglio reale marble.
Italy, end of the 18th Century.

H. 53 - W. 28 cm.

This elegant “kilox” shaped vase presents a neoclassical decorative motif composed of friezes: egg-and-doves on the lip, pearls on the base of the neck and another in low-relief of sinuous motifs delicately nested on the shoulder. The lower part of the body is fluted.

Bardiglio marble is characterized by a background in blueish-greyish tints and comes from quarries situated on the territory of ancient Luni, now part of the municipality of Carrara. These quarries began to be exploited at the end of the Roman Republic. Bardiglio was most often used for the floor of public buildings. A beautiful example of this marble can be found in the Villa Derville in Monticello de Nazarro.

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