After François Girardon.
Medallion representing King Louis XIV.
Embossed leather.
Around 1690.
Represents 50 years old Louis the 14th.

H. 89 - l. 81 cm.

This very rare medallion made of embossed leather represents King Louis XIV. The king's outfit is composed of a cuirass decorated with a grotesque mask on the shoulder pad, a jabot finely embellished with lace and a cape whose drape elegantly wraps around the shoulders of the sovereign. It emphasizes the haughty bearing and determined countenance of a monarch whose military and political power radiated throughout Europe at the time of its representation.
The authorship of the model is disputed between Jean-Louis Lemoyne, father of Jean-François Lemoyne, and François Girardon. Indeed, the reception piece that Lemoyne presented to the Bordeaux Academic School in 1692 is reputed to have represented a portrait of Louis XIV in carved walnut, but it is now missing.
As for François Girardon, he donated a marble medallion with the King's effigy to the city of Troyes in 1687, which now adorns the mantelpiece of the Grande Salle of the Hôtel de Ville.
Two other examples of this medallion are known in public collections: one in the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte and the other in the Fine Arts Museum of Bordeaux.

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